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I Will Fight For You!

   I am Patrick Larson and I reside in Paragonah, Utah. Prior to Paragonah, I lived in Enoch, Utah for over 19 years. I am running for State Senate with the desire to represent our areas. I am outraged by the illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional lockdowns by a tyrannical, leftist Governor, and Health Department whose decisions were not based on science but done for reasons of pure control. They locked down and shut down businesses. They abusively masked your children. They then tried to take our freedom away from us by pushing a vaccine MANDATE upon us all.  Our legislators couldn't even pass a bill to protect workers from this unconstitutional mandate.  These are a few of the reasons I feel compelled to run as I will Not Be Muzzled, silenced, or bought as some of our legislators have.  I am a TRUE conservative, and believe in less government, more freedom of self, property, and medical decisions. I also believe in the right to bear arms, the right to free speech and the protection of women's rights in sports and in general. I believe we should deregulate small business and let them thrive as small business is the lifeblood of America.
  • I will fight to repeal SB54 and the signature gathering route and return the Primaries back to The People. 

  • I will fight for election integrity and introduce a bill to keep our elected officials, and officials of ANY party, from encouraging voter fraud by switching parties.

  • I will fight for a bill to RECALL our Rinos and get them OUT of office.

  • I will say NO to vaxx passports of ANY Kind.

  • I will say no to pornography in our schools of ANY kind.

  • I will fight for our God given rights and our constitutional rights, ALWAYS!

  • No to CRT and SEL.

  • No to socialism.

  • No to communism.


Utah needs to be the most conservative state in the union. WE need to fight to get conservatives elected throughout our state. We can only do this, by electing NEW people to the legislature, that will fight for us.

That is why I am running, so I can fight for us.


Thank you,


Patrick Larson 

For State Senate, District 28

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